Roaming Red Wolf is comprised of wildlife photographers, Dustin and Brittany Wiggins. We love to travel, and find all of the wonders of the wild world. Our mission is to find shots to bring into your home that inspire you to get out, and roam.


Why the Red Wolf?

The red wolf is the most endangered wolf in the world, currently down to as few as 35 left in the wild. Our hopes are to bring awareness to their plight, and be part of the effort to save them from the brink of extinction.

A portion of all our sales, 20% of all profits, goes to the Endangered Wolf Center to help restore this vital link back to the American ecosystem.

If you would like to help in this fight directly, you can find ways to help, and donate here on the Endangered Wolf Center’s site: https://www.endangeredwolfcenter.org

Other places to support the effort, as well as see live video of red wolves, check out the Wolf Conservation Center: https://nywolf.org

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